Moss Motor Company Moss Roadster

1983 to 1990's 

No doubt inspired by the MG TF and Morgan the Moss Roadster proved a popular choice in it's relatively short lived career. About 150 were believed to have been sold but manufacture of the original incarnation was abrubtly put to a stop due to a factory fire in 1985. 

The Moss Roadster is based on a Triumph Herald or Vitesse chassis and all running gear. Reported as being a 'bolt together' kit requiring minimal modifications. The choice of Triumph chassis and running gear probably complements the style of car down to the ground. 

All fibreglass body panels were supplied with a gelcoat finish with an integral reinforced floor and dashboard. Typical price for the kit when available from the Moss Motor Company was £988. The Roadster was to later be taken over by Hampshire Classics in 1986 and then by members of the Moss Owners Club. 


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Moss Roadster - Moss Motor Company. Moss Roadster at Exeter 07


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