Falcon Shells Ltd Competition / Mark II


The Falcon Mark II as it was originally called is pure race inspired kit. Designed to fit various chassis with wheelbase between 6' 11" to 7' 8" with a track of 4' 3" front and 4' dead at the rear. 

Falcon Shells as the name suggests initially just provided the bodyshell for fitment onto a chassis of your choice. The shell was fibreglass with the choice of two gelcoat finishes, either Falcon red or Leaf green. 1960 saw the name of the Falcon Mk II change to the Falcon Competition. 

Power came from various sources and was pretty much left to the individual builder. Morris, MGA, Ford and Coventry Climax were popular choices. £105 would get you the complete bodyshell. 


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Competition / Mark II - Falcon Shells Ltd. Falcon Mk II / Competition


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