Marcos Cars 1800

1964 - 1969 

The Marcos 1800 was the start of the familiar Marcos shape that we know today, still being made, albeit in sporadic bursts through the years, the 1800 shape can be seen in the latest Marcos creations. For a smidge under £2000 (considered quite expensive) you got a very unique and futuristic car for 1964.  

The monocoque chassis was constructed of marine ply with a tubular steel sub frame to house the front suspension. Bodywork was fibreglass and was of a very high quality (as it was competing with mainstream cars of its day). Power came from the Volvo P1800 which was ported and fitted with a pair of Stromberg carburetters. Output for the Marcos 1800 was rated at 150bhp per tonne. 

The car only stood 3ft 6 1/2 inches from the ground which for some critics made it difficult to get in and out of. The interior received much praise for being well laid out and of good quality. 


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1800 - Marcos Cars. Marcos 1800 (original test car)


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