Fairthorpe Electron Minor

1957 to 1960 

The Fairthorpe Electron Minor is probably the Fairthorpe model you are most likely to see as around 280 were sold. A good looking car in it's day (which explains the quantity sold) it filled the need for a small 2 seater sports car. 

The Electron Minor came with it's own tubular steel ladder frame chassis from which Standard 10 suspension hung. The Standard 10 also gave up it's engine and gearbox to power the Electron Minor. Later Minors had Triumph power which saw the power and speed increase. 

Bodywork for the Electron Minor was fibreglass. The Electron continuned up until the early 70's under the more common name of E M 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6, E M still standing for Electron Minor. 


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Electron Minor - Fairthorpe. Fairthorpe Electron Minor


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