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1971 to 1995 

Geoff Jago was the man behind the Jago Jeep back in 1971. Taking a mould directly from an original Jeep and using mechanicals from the Ford Anglia on a very basic ladder frame chassis. 

Continuous improvements with donor specifications and a cheap entry level price to kit construction saw the Jago Jeep sell in very large numbers over the years combined with a relatively easy build due to its basic nature. Later developments would see the Jeep based on Morris Minor, Ford Escort Mk1 and Mk 2, Ford Sierra and Suzuki 4x4. 

The Jago Jeep utilised a basic ladderframe chassis and fibreglass body panels. As you would expect the finish was basic, emulating the car that inspired it. Using just the donor parts the Jeep was cheap as chips to build and run which was part of its popularity. The availability of cheap 4x4 production cars eventually killed off the Jago Jeep but not before being reincarnated as the Jago Sandero due to impending litigation over the Jeep name from Chrysler. The 1990s saw the end of production. 


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Jago Jeep - Jago Automotive. Jago Jeep at Detling 2006


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