Avante Avante

1982 to 1986 

The Avante was an attempt at an exotic GT car based on the VW Beetle chassis. As it goes it wasn't a half bad attempt. Styled in a similar fashion to the aging Nova kit car the Avante found favour with a few buyers (probably less than 50) and you can usually see a few around the annual kit car shows. 

The Avante came with a descent fibreglass bodyshell and mechanicals from a VW Beetle although different engine fitments were possible such as Alfa Boxer and Golf four pot. 

The Avante also came in 2+2 but was physically bigger than it's 2 seat brother, a giveaway is the 2+2 has rear quarter light windows whereas the other doesn't. 


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Avante - Avante. Avante kit car at Brooklands


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