Sylva Autokits Star

1982 - 1984 

The Sylva Star was Sylva Autokits first kit car to go into production. Pitched as a competitor to Dutton kits the Star was cheap but excellently engineered with superior construction of chassis and bodywork. 

The Star was based on Vauxhall donors, those being Chevette, Firenza or Viva. Not the most dynamic donor you may think but Jeremy Phillips made the most of the components. The basis of the Star was the tubular space frame chassis from which the Vauxhall components hung. 

As well as utilising the Vauxhall engine the Star also saw fitments of Ford Crossflow and Fiat twin cam engines. Body work was mainly fibreglass but with steel panelling for extra strength. The Star was superceded by the Leader in 1983/4 which proved more successful sales wise due to it's more appealing design. 


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