Turner Sports Cars 950

1957 to 1959 

The Turner 950 Sports was one of the earliest cars Turner made. Succeeding the Turner 803 the 950 was essentially the same car using the same chassis and body work but based on an Austin A35 rather than the A30 giving it the larger capacity engine (948cc) and hence the 950 name. 

Although some early 950 models used exactly the same body as the 803 Turner did update the 950 to incorporate small rear tail fins which is what you will see on most 950s. 

The 950 is also known to have had a Coventry Climax engine installed under the bonnet but the BMC engine was the most popular. Approx 150 950 models are known to have been made before getting a facelift 


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950 - Turner Sports Cars. Turner 950


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