Corry Car Company Cultra

1983 to 1985 

The Corry Cultra was born out of the demise of the Davrian when the holding company went bust. Davrian was purchased by Will Corry who then adapted the Davrian into the Corry Cultra, intended as a cheap entry into motorsport. 

In contrast to the Davrian the Corry Cultra didn't find many buyers and production only lasted 2 years with very few sold. The Cultra is based on the successful and proven Davrian fibreglass monocoque (very successful in various motorsport events even now) mid engined design. 

The Cultra was offered as a complete kit with just the engine and gearbox to be fitted by the owner. Typical fitments were Ford 1600 crossflow units. The Davrian was later to be resurrected as the Darrian and have further success. 

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