Marcos Cars Mini Marcos

1965 to 1981 

The Mini Marcos was a pretty crude affair compared to todays cars but proved extremely popular because of it's simple construction and very cheap sub £200 kit price. Well over 1,000 kits were sold in it's run up to the early 80's 

Austin Mini sub frames were bolted to the Mini Marcos moncoque making it a simple build. Not the prettiest car in the world and diminuitive in size it still has a strong following today - to such an extent that it has been resurrected and is being reproduced again. 

The Mini Marcos spanned the Mark 1 to Mark 4, the Mark 4 being introduced by new owners after Marcos went bust in 1971. The Mark 4 was slightly bigger and rear seats were introduced along with other refinements such as winding windows. 


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Mini Marcos - Marcos Cars. Orange Mini Marcos at Detling


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