Marlin Cars Roadster

1979 to 1993 

The Marlin Roadster was a well engineered 2 seat sports car in the style of 1930s era with a modern edge. The Roadster was the first car to be given the Marlin badge in 1979.  

Paul Moorhouse was the designer and he based the Roadster on Triumph mechanicals (Triumph Herald/Vitesse/Spitfire/GT6) but designed and built its own chassis rather than using the Triumph's. 1983 saw the move to the Marina as the donor car of choice due to dwindling supplies of Triumph donors. 

What was to become a Marlin trade mark was the clever use of the windscreen frame as the roll over bar. Body tub was aluminium with the use of GRP for the more complex panels. Power varied from the Triumph and Marina donor engines to Rover V8. The Roadster project was sold to Yorkshire Kit Cars in 1993 along with the Berlinetta. 


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