Shirley Shirley Mk1

1958 to 1959  

The Shirley Mk1 was the first bodyshell to have the Shirley name. Like a lot of specials of this era the Shirley was based around Ford Popular (upright) models which provided the chassis and mechanical components.  

The Shirley Mk1 was available as a 2 seat open top tourer with full opening doors and elegant bodywork giving an air of aerodynamics - at the back anyway. 

The 1172cc Ford sidevalve was the engine of choice (as it came with the donor) Wheelbase was 7' 6" with a 4' track. Bodyshell prices were around 90 GBP. The sale of Shirley bodyshells seemed to fizzle out around 1960.  

There are currently no pictures available for this model.

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