Rochdale Motor Panels Olympic Phase 1

1959 to 1965 

Influenced by Porsche design of the era, the Rochdale Motor Panels Olympic Phase 1 was conceived in the late 1950's and development continued on into the early 1960's with the prototype running on Morris Minor mechanicals. 

Production models switched to Riley 1.5 for power but still retained the Morris Minor underpinnings. Other common engine fitments were BMC (Minor) and Ford. 

As with the Phase 2 the body construction was of GRP monocoque with a small amount of metal bracing. Designed as a 2 seater the Phase 1 differs to the Phase 2 in having a fixed rear window and a smaller opening bonnet. Around 200 Phase 1 Olympics were sold. 


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Olympic Phase 1 - Rochdale Motor Panels. Rochdale Olympic Phase 1


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