Dutton Sierra

1980 to 1989 

The Dutton Sierra was produced during Duttons most productive and popular years. The Sierra was Duttons biggest seller with thousands of kits being sold.  

This was a practical kit with 4 seats using a cheap mechanical basis in the Ford Escort, even using the windscreen and doors. Ladder chassis, use of all donor mechanicals and cheaply produced GRP body panels was Duttons recipe of cheap and cheerful kit production which meant rock bottom kit pricing. The kit car buying public liked this approach and the Sierra sales took off. 

The Dutton Sierra went through 3 Series changes and also included a drophead version. The Series 3 Sierra finished with better quality GRP body mouldings including return edges. Still plenty around at kit car shows but don't expect to see any concours examples. 


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Sierra - Dutton. Series 1 Dutton Sierra


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