Embeesea Kit Cars Charger

Early 1980s 

The Charger and Charger 2 were initially manufactured by Embeesea Kit Cars but was to be later handed down to several other companies who tried to revive it each time.  

Based on the VW Beetle floorpan the Charger would also use all the Beetle mechanical components along with Mk3 Cortina Windscreen and Citroen GS rear screen. Doors were of gullwing design for added interest. 

The Charger 2 was a 2+2 version and is easily identifiable with its extra rear length and rear side windows. When in the hands of MDB Kit Cars the kit cost was £995. Very few around nowadays although several hundred of the two versions were produced. 


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Charger - Embeesea Kit Cars. Charger 2 extra room in rear


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