Carlton Carrera

1985 to mid 1990s 

You cannot help but conclude that the inspiration for the Carrera was the Jaguar E-type with it's long long bonnet. Alls the better for it because it looks great, even now decades later. 

Originally based on Ford Cortina mechanicals and using the Ford Engine range up to the V6. Carlton developed the Carrera later to take Jaguar running gear to accept the Rover V8 and even the Jaguar V12. 

Fairly popular, selling over one hundred during it's production the Carrera had a ladder frame chassis with tough fibreglass bodywork and made use of the Cortina dash to give it a production quality feel inside (albeit 70s and 80s) Interior space was from 2+2 to full 4 seater. Carlton topped off the range with a Cabriolet version. 


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