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Jago was introduced to the kit car scene in the early 1970s with the incredibly popular Willys Jeep replica and this is what the company will be best remembered for although the company was actually started in the 1960s by Geoff Jago making Model T and B hot rods. The Jeep though was the mainstay of the Jago company which enabled it to trade for so long and gain such popularity to have sales recorded in the thousands. The Jeep was constantly upgraded over the years to keep up with current donor cars which enabled it a good 20 year life span. Jago stopped producing the hot rods in the mid 1980s but introduced an new utility vehicle called the Samuri to a mixed reception. The company produced the Jeep well into the 1990s, later renaming it the Sandero using updated Ford components. The late 1990's saw Jago stop trading as a kit car manufacturer and sold on the rights to produce the Jeep.


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