Midas started life in 1978 with the Midas Mk1, a design by Richard Oakes, infamous designer in the kit car scene (and currently runs Blackjack cars with his avion and zero 3 wheelers). Harold Dermott was the man behind Midas and responsible for introducing a new level of manufacture as the Midas cars where constructed with a fibre glass monocoque, going against conventional steel chassis and unstressed fibre glass bodywork. Midas introduced several models over the years, basically updating the Mk1 as time went on, ending up with the Metro based Midas Gold and Convertible. Midas went into liquidation in 1989 following a fire at their Corby premises. Midas vehicles are currently (2008) being offered by Alternative Cars of Oxford. See www.madabout-kitcars.com for details.


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Gold Convertible


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