Rochdale Motor Panels Olympic Phase 2

1963 to 1973 

Following on from the Phase 1 Olympic the Phase 2 took a change in course with regard it's underpinnings. Changes to the body design also distinguish the Phase 2 from the Phase 1. Around 150 Phase 2 Olympics were sold (mainly in kit form). 

The GRP monocoque construction of the Phase 2 Olympic had a larger bonnet and a hatchback for easier access. Suspension was redesigned to use Triumph parts with disc brakes. Engine was typically a Ford 1500cc unit from the Cortina GT. 

Production phased out around 1967 although bodies were available up to 1973. Price of the kit was £730 with fully built cars costing £930. 


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Olympic Phase 2 - Rochdale Motor Panels. Pair of Phase 2 Olympics


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