Dutton Phaeton

1978 to 1989 

The Dutton Phaeton started with the Series 1 in 1978 and went through 4 production phases to end with the best of the bunch (naturally) the series 4 (or S4). The Phaeton started out using a crude ladder chassis using Triumph front suspension and Ford rear.  

Along with most of the Dutton range the clincher for most people was the price. Dutton kits were cheap, very cheap. You got what you paid for though as fibreglass work is not the best you'll ever see. But pound for pound you got a good value to fun ratio. 

The S4 Phaeton was seen as a good progression of the model with a new chassis and all Ford Escort running gear which enabled a 5 link setup and much improved handling. Body styling changes made for an improved overall look although it was still flimsy. Tim Dutton ended his kit car empire in 1989 but the Phaeton found a new home in Eagle Cars who carried on Phaeton production but called it the P25. 


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Phaeton - Dutton. Dutton Phaeton at Stoneleigh


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