Dutton Cantera

1976 - 1977 

The Dutton Cantera is one strange looking beast. A departure for Dutton who at that point was making 7 style cars (the Dutton Malaga and B Type) in large numbers. The Cantera was based on the B Type chassis which gives it its rather distinctive long nose, cut off back look. 

Not many made it into production, mainly due I suspect to it's love it or hate it looks but also because it was expensive compared to other Dutton products. Still based on Duttons tried and tested Ford/Triumph mechanical setup, I guess Dutton was just trying to provide a more user friendly/everyday car. 

Some Canteras had an unusual front light arrangement which consisted of a rear light cluster positioned above each headlight, very strange! Not Duttons best attempt at kit cars for the masses as sales are believed to have barely reached double figures. One for the Dutton enthusiast. 

There are currently no pictures available for this model.

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