Dutton Melos

1981 to 1989 

The Dutton Melos started with the Series 1 in 1981 and ended with the series 2 (S2) which gave it colour matching bumpers. The Melos used pretty much the same ladder frame chassis of it's sister the Dutton Phaeton.  

The price was a bit dearer for the Melos compared to the Phaeton, probably due to the Melos being billed as a 2+2. It was still cheap though (around £700 at the time) Not the best fibreglass work you'll ever see but generally better than the Phaeton. Pound for pound you got a good value to fun ratio.  

The Melos was based on the Phaeton chassis so used Ford Escort running gear and Ford engine options up to the V6. Body styling changes made for the S2 included a redesigned bonnet and colour matching gel coat finish for the bumpers. Tim Dutton ended his kit car empire in 1989 but the Melos found a couple of new homes most noteably with Scorhill Motors. 


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Melos - Dutton. Series 1 Dutton Melos


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