Dutton B-Plus

1974 to 1989 

The Dutton B Plus was a follow on from the Dutton B-Type (they sold alongside each other for a short while). The B Plus sported some GRP modifications over the B Type, was slightly bigger, sidelights were now in with the headlights. 

Ladder frame chassis and a combination of Triumph and Ford running gear got the car rolling. Engine choice was greater with the B Plus over the B Type with the 4 pot Fords being the most popular but would squeeze in the Essex V6 if provoked. 

The B Plus was produced up to around 1977 and was re-introduced by Dutton in 1989 as the Series 2 on the back of the popularity of the Dutton Phaeton (it was basically the S4 Phaeton with flowing front wings) 


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